Can FuelFWD work with buyers and suppliers that are not part of the FuelFWD network?

You’ll have the best experience with FuelFWD when your supply chain partners are onboarded. However, a portal is available for collecting documents and data from your suppliers or sharing them with your buyers even when they are not on the FuelFWD platform.

Can FuelFWD support all certification schemes?

FuelFWD is certification scheme agnostic and capable of ingesting SDs and POS of any format. It will support your Certification Body approved workflow and help you prepare for your yearly audit, regardless of the certification scheme you choose for your business.

I manage a wide range of feedstocks and products, can FuelFWD support my business?

FuelFWD aims to support all renewable fuels, regardless of the regulations they are subject to or where they fit in the supply chain. Adding new products is simply a matter of a few configuration clicks.

Can FuelFWD help me with my mass-balance process?

Yes! FuelFWD’s automation will drastically improve your process with automated reports and configurable alerts. You can configure your mass-balance period, and get a report per product type and asset.

How will FuelFWD help with my daily compliance tasks?

FuelFWD will assist you in registering any receipt or sale of material and linking it with the relevant ESG document. You can collect SDs and POSs directly from your suppliers via a portal or upload them yourself to link them with the relevant material. Data is checked and extracted automatically to eliminate almost all manual steps and risk for errors. 

I need to update GHG emissions on the materials I process. Would FuelFWD help with that?

In FuelFWD you can configure your process with applicable parameters (all relevant factors for Actual Values, or all possible Default Value options) and apply them to all your digital passports. Calculations are automated and verifiable, aiding you in your yearly audit.