Our Mission

We address the critical issue of complex regulations and certification processes that hinder the free trade of renewable fuels. Our goal is to simplify and automate compliance, reducing administrative costs and risks, thereby accelerating the energy transition.

Why partner with FuelFWD?

1. Innovative Solution

Our proprietary platform automates ESG compliance for renewable fuel supply chains, cutting compliance costs by 10x and minimizing non-compliance risks.

2. Market Potential

The renewable fuel markets are characterized by double-digit growth while regulatory complexity is increasing. Our solution is becoming a must-have to keep compliance costs and risks low.

3. Sustainability Focus

We enhance the traceability of renewable fuels, ensuring transparency from feedstock to production to end-use, accelerating the transition to renewables with a verifiable low or no carbon footprint.

4. Proven Value

Even if only one party in a supply chain uses our platform, significant cost and risk reductions are achieved for that single company. The value of the solution grows when more parties onboard, creating network effects.

5. Strong Backing

We are backed by Docklab Ventures, which unlocks the Port of Rotterdam ecosystem to support our growth. We also attracted a major European grant, enhancing the impact of each invested Euro.

Join us

Invest in FuelFWD to support a more efficient and sustainable fuel industry. For inquiries, please contact us at or via this form. Also, if you see other opportunities for value adding partnerships, don’t hesitate to reach out using the same e-mail address.

You can download our investor presentation HERE if you received a password from us.