Product Conversions

Configure your process, such as fuel production or blending, in line with what you have agreed on with your certification body. Our platform handles default values and actual values, and is completely product agnostic.

Configure your product conversions in a few clicks

Keep track of any co-product or waste

Use actual values or default values

Keep a record of all events

FuelFWD supports your own process

Our platform allows you to configure all your workflows in line with your internal processes.

You can configure and track the data points that are relevant for your activity, set up approval levels, and of course automate the CO2 calculations

All parameters and actions are logged. Preparing an audit is quick and easy


Mass Balance Automation

Get control on your day-to-day operations, from fool-proof handling of Sustainability Declarations and Proofs of Sustainability, to secure monitoring of your mass balance and ensure a compliant certification audit.


Product Tracing

Enhance transparency for clients and stakeholders by digitally collecting data from upstream and logistic partners, verifying the origin and immutability of proof points, and providing accurate information on consignments.

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