Clients and stakeholders want more and more visibility over the product they buy, for marketing purposes or reporting necessity. Collect data digitally from upstream and logistic partners, ensure origin and immutability of proof points, and share an accurate picture of your consignments to your clients

Create a digital passport for each of your consignments

Split, merge, or register any event on your consignments

Share data digitally and get rid of countless PDFs

How does traceability work within FFWD?

A digital passport is created for each batch, so that you can transfer a consignment with all its history and sustainability information to the next party

All the actions on a batch (transport, storage, conversion…) are logged relevant stakeholders can check the veracity of the data

Each party remains in control over what data will be see by its trading partners

We can collect ESG fact beyond what is currently necessary for RED II. E.g. if your storage provider is in a green program, we can make that visible in the digital passport

A portal allows to collect and share data with users that are not on the platform


Mass Balance Automation

Get control on your day-to-day operations, from fool-proof handling of Sustainability Declarations and Proofs of Sustainability, to secure monitoring of your mass balance and ensure a compliant certification audit.


Product Conversions

Align your process, whether it be fuel production or blending, with the agreed-upon standards set by your certification body using our platform that manages default and actual values, regardless of the product.

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